Cablepoint Continues Environmental Improvement

Cablepoint is continually striving to improve our waste management and disposal and at the start of this New Year we find ourselves recycling 98% of our waste. At this time we are looking at our waste management with regards to number and size of bins on our site. In our current scheme we have 3 bins, a 6.1 yard DMR bin for mixed recyclable waste, a 1100ltr general bin for non-recyclable waste and a 660ltr paper waste bin. In the earlier half of this year Cablepoint will be downsizing this scheme to only 1 660ltr bin for non-recyclable waste. All plastic will be compressed into bails in the same way we do our cardboard waste, and we will also be compressing the paper waste with the cardboard bails.

By doing this Cablepoint will eliminate the cost of having these bins on site as well as eliminating the need and cost for a waste company to visit our site to empty the bins. This will help us become even greener still by not needed regular visits from a large waste vehicles. Cablepoint will also gain some extra site space with the removal of the DMR skip and paper bin.

You can see our environmental certificate for ISO 14001 in our about us page along with out other accreditation’s at the base of the page.