Innovative design boils down Vaillant Group’s costs

Cablepoint, based in Hull, redesigned the connection box previously manufactured by Vaillant Group and assembled by Cablepoint, and pro-actively brought together all the teams involved in its creation.

These teams had previously worked separately on the device, which caused delays in the supply chain. The project saw Cablepoint, Vaillant Group’s Purchasing, Production, Engineering Stores and R&D team, as well as a local plastics company come together to redesign the connection box making it from plastic instead of its original metal material. This resulted in a £120,000 cost saving.

The project involved Cablepoint using the University of Hull’s Design and Enterprise Centre’s rapid prototyping facilities to produce prototypes in a 24 hour turnaround, with all parties inputting their ideas into the design process.

After eight weeks and five prototype mock-ups, a final design was agreed which satisfied everyone.

Cablepoint then took the final design through British Gas tests to produce a finished product safe for use in the gas industry.

Paul Whybrow of Vailant Group, said:

Cablepoint really helped to ease production headaches, with their work making significant cost savings and reducing downtime in production. A second great benefit was that the new plastic box is lighter and easier to handle; resulting in significant time savings in the workshop.